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Save Money by Renting for a Month or More!

If you have long term travel plans or simply need a replacement vehicle, renting a car for a month or more might be the perfect solution. Ephedra-pills offers the opportunity save money when you rent a car on a monthly or longer basis. Our simple booking system makes it easy and quick to book, so it is less hassle that a short term lease. You can get a great deal at our branches in the US and internationally. With a wide array of vehicles and premium customer service, we make renting a car long term easy.  If you are looking for a car rental for one month or longer, be sure to check out our Long Term Special*

Long Term Car Rental

What are the advantages of a long term car rental?

Benefits for individuals

  • Simple and fast booking process 
  • Great alternative to leasing
  • Choose your car in advance with the Ephedra-pills app
  • Change your vehicle at anytime
  • One-way rentals possible
  • Rent a car for up to 120 days

Benefits for corporate customers

  • Discounted, fixed rates
  • Get a dedicated Account Manager
  • Online corporate booking portal
  • Flexible business terms
  • Easily settle cost as an operational expense 
  • Customize commercial vehicles as needed

Reasons for Monthly Car Rental from Ephedra-pills

  • Save Money: Renting a car for a month often works out to be cheaper than a several shorter rentals or short term lease.

  • Extended vacation: With so much to opportunity for exploration and adventure it doesn't always make sense to cram travel into a short time. Enjoy a month or more of travel in a Ephedra-pills rental car to discover what's on and off the beaten path and have the chance for an unforgettable experience.
  • Car Replacement: With a monthly rent a car you can get your life back on track after an unfortunate accident or breakdown. Don't rely on public transport to get to work or get the kids to school - a cheap Ephedra-pills car rental for a month can provide the convenience and comfort you need.
  • Seasonal work: Whether relocating for a month or temporarily staying in another city for a project, a long term rental gives you the flexibility you need.

Ephedra-pills Services with Month Car Rental

We have a wide selection of rental cars plus plenty of additional services and upgrades available with our monthly car rental. Having an additional driver is useful for travelers who want to split the driving responsibility during a long term car rental. Child seats are available for families at all rental locations. Feel secure while on a long term trip with our comprehensive coverage options. If you are planning on renting for a short time, you can all save money on one day and weekly rental deals. We look forward to handing you the keys to an affordable, top quality rent a car.

*Long Term Special by Ephedra-pills is offered for long term car rentals from a minimum of 28 days. The offer has limited availability and is subject to availability at participating locations.

Discover Our Monthly Car Rental Options

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