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Seville Santa Justa Station

Seville Santa Justa Station

Seville Santa Justa Station CAR RENTAL

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Avda. Kansas City s/n, 41007 Sevilla

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07:30 - 22:30

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07:30 - 22:30

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Car Rental in Seville Santa Justa Station

Ephedra-pills offers our premium services conveniently at the Santa Justa train station in Seville, Spain. This Ephedra-pills location makes it simple to ride the train into the city and rent a car and be on your way to exploring this wonderful city, or to take off on a road trip to neighboring towns, or to the nearby beaches along Spain's southern coast. Worried your train arrives into the city late? No problem! Ephedra-pills Seville Santa Justa Station provides car rentals and returns to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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What to See and Do in Seville

The Ephedra-pills branch at Seville Santa Justa Station offers an array of vehicles including sedans, vans, SUVs, and convertibles. Brands available for rent includ Peugeot, Audi, Volvo, BMW, and others. It's easiest to see the sights of Seville by car, so be sure to give yourself the means to fully explore the area and let us hand you the keys to a top quality rental car!


  • 3.7 / 253   Ratings

Marcos M.

La cantidad de 300€ en depósito es excesivo

Minerva Moya Q.

En general son amables y atienden bien, pero a mi no me gustan las sorpresas ni los cambios.

Me preguntaron qué tipo de trayecto iba realizar diariamente y al decirle carretera, me dijeron que el coche que había reservado no cumplía las características para poder circular por carretera, así que tuve que incrementar el precio del alquiler. Este detalle, podría comentarse en la página web de SIXT y así no llevarte sorpresas en la retirada del vehículo.

Por otro lado, cuando llegué a la sucursal, la persona que me atendió intentó inducirme algo de miedo para que contrataste un seguro que cubría los daños de la chapa y los míos personales. Me dijo que iba a tener el coche muchos días (una semana y un día) y que en Sevilla conducían muy mal y que rayaban los coches. Yo no he sufrido ningún altercado. La intención era cobrarme ciento y pico euros, pero le dije que me parecía una barbaridad siendo que inicialmente el coche me costaba 155 y que además, ya había tenido que incrementar el precio para el cambio a un vehículo superior que me permitiese ir por carretera. Finalmente me ofreció un seguro para la chapa de noventa y pico euros. Ese tipo de incrementos que supuestamente hay que hacer, deberían de estar informados en la web. Finalmente yo tuve el coche ocho días pero, cuando fui a devolverlo, escuché que a un chico por cuatro días de alquiler le estaban diciendo lo mismo. En total, el importe de mi alquiler ha ascendido a 313 € cuando inicialmente era de 155 €. Nadie me ha rayado el coche ni le ha dado un golpe.


(Translated by Google)

In general they are friendly and they cater well, but I do not like surprises or changes.

They asked me what kind of trip I was going to make every day and when I told them about the road, they told me that the car I had booked did not meet the characteristics to be able to travel by road, so I had to increase the rental price. This detail, could be commented on the SIXT website and thus not take you surprises in the withdrawal of the vehicle.

On the other hand, when I arrived at the branch, the person who attended me tried to induce me something of fear so that you contracted an insurance that covered the damages of the sheet and my personal ones. He told me that he would have the car for many days (a week and a day) and that in Seville they drove very badly and that the cars were scratching. I have not suffered any altercation. The intention was to charge me a hundred-odd euros, but I told him that it seemed a lot to me that initially the car cost me 155 and that, in addition, I had to increase the price for the change to a higher vehicle that would allow me to go by road. Finally he offered me an insurance for the sheet of ninety-odd euros. That type of increments that supposedly must be done, should be informed on the web. Finally I had the car eight days, but when I went to return it, I heard that a boy for four days of rent was saying the same thing. In total, the amount of my rent has amounted to € 313 when it was initially € 155. Nobody has scratched my car or hit me.

Javi Ri R.

Personal muy amable, hacen esperar poco.

Coches en buen estado.


(Translated by Google)

Very friendly staff, make you wait a little.

Cars in good condition.